by MyKe Fuego

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The most highly anticipated mixtape emerging from Detroit City in 2011!!! Breakthrough EP of A.K.Ace Knives. Needed in the streetz!! #NoFilter


released December 31, 2011





MyKe Fuego Detroit, Michigan

Man on Fire.....#NoFilterFuego

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Track Name: Fuego ft Whoa - Til My Lungs Dont Work
Verse 1 (Fuego):
Chillin wit my niggas while im rollin up a paper plane
Yeah this weed is hella loud but I aint with the Taylor Gang
Ace Knives, you know the name, blowin on a sticky
Then I hit tha club and pop them bottles like Im Ricky
Rozay! Prolly seen me do it at the New Way
Then I hop off da stage and grab a group of ladies
Damn ya lookin good, come n party wit me
smoke some planes, take some shots n get naughty wit me
Its a D-Town Party, you know what its gone be
Steady rollin paper planes while they suckin on me
Make em take another hit and now they fuckin on me
I think its my turn for some action, roll this J up for me
Crank this song up to the max everytime I'm blowin reafer
And this weed im smokin on is even louder than my speakers!
My flow is fuckin scorchin dog, its hotter than my blunt tip
Even niggas hatin on me know they bout to bump this!

Verse 3 (A.K.Ace Knives):
When I walk into a room I bet everybody know
OG Kush up in my pocket, they can smell it through my clothes
Im not big on nature but I'm big on this plant here
Only smokin chronic over here, is that clear
Black Buddha, Blue Dream, Red Dragon, Kush leaves
Purple Haze or Spongies, You could never shush thee
My legs is feelin mushy, only smokin good weed
Its louder than the cannon you gone hear if you push me!
Never breakin down weed, just throw it in the grinder
Get down with the plans got them EZ Widers
The hoods where you'll find us, Im high when you find us
Forgot my name, Can you please remind us!
Ace baby! Ace baby! Gone and do yo thang
Quit callin out my name boy, Im talkin to my dame
Meagan James, Meagan James girl you know I love you
Every second, Everyday you know I'm thinkin of you
I swear that Im flyin, Im kushed out my mind
Im on Marijuana minutes man I'm losin track of time.
Track Name: Spit To Kill Freestyle
My team Spit To Kill so I live or let die
If you thinkin I aint ill then you livin a lie
Im not lookin for a deal guy, I want what Im worth
But I'll settle for some bills if I cant have the earth
This fear that I inspire Im a lyrical tyrant
Im known to spit that fire better open a hydrant
Im buildin my empire til it pass the horizon
And a hundred niggas wit me like I'm reppin Verizon
Chain shinin like a bitch! Its so mesmerizing
Got me deep inside yo chick! Feel the temperature rising
Cant stop starin at my Rolee, its so hypnotizing
It got all these women on me, I dont find it surprising
Yeah, I ball in any weather guy
Smokin so much chronic got me thinkin that I'm never high
Blowin on that tropic, I think ima call it everclear
and since I call it everclear I'll mix it wit that belvadere
Thats the secret recipe, I guess we gettin throwed
I done blew a pack and moved a pack I guess I need some more
And when I meet up wit my team you know we blazing by the O
Prolly sippin on that lean I think Im bout to hit the floor
Living life like its a dream cuz this is all a nigga know
had to hustle for that cream cuz I wasnt born with dough
Had to make it in the streetz, swimming with the sharks
So if my niggas gotta eat then Im coming for your heart!
Track Name: Fuego ft. M.A.R.S. & Nyce - These Streetz
Catch me blowin loud you can find me in the D!
Catch me on tha mile gettin money wit my team!
Prada, Gucci, Lui, Tru-Religion Damn Ima fiend!
When we step into tha club im dat man on the scene!
And we sippin on that rozay!!
Circle full of monstas you don't want it nigga, no way!
See they need me in these streetz!! Aye Aye
They need me in these streetz!!